The Month Started on Sunday Again.

And I’m ready to try and write. Hard writing. Lots of words. Exercising, too.

Weird that this morning I woke up really sad.

Almost crying sad.


Why so much?

Why so long?

What are YOUR March plans?



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2 responses to “The Month Started on Sunday Again.

  1. justaboy

    I’ma transitionin to bein a rock-star. School on the side. Ya know? Oh yeah_ exercising too. I need to try that. Accounting just makes me so angry sometimes…..Haah. 😉

  2. I’d like to finish this book I’ve been trying to draft for what feels like years. It keeps getting trumped by projects already under contract, and I really want to at least get a draft done before I have to start book 3 in my series. I long for the days of being able to write what I want when I want, but grateful I’m at least getting paid to write now. It’s a strange dichotomy.


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