The shoe lady

Dear Everyone,

Today I wore a embroidered Mexican dress.  I love it and it feels like I’m in my pajamas all day but also not in my pajamas.

I went on a walk with my kids and a neighbor saw me and said: are you the old woman who lived in a shoe?

This struck me as funny and for a brief moment I stepped outside and looked at myself. A girl. A lady, really, I guess. Am I a lady? I feel like a girl.

A girl.

Holding a baby.

A toddler toddling.

A little boy running.

Two older little boys arguing.

The six of us walking down the sidewalk.

The sun coming down.

No make up.


In this dress.

I thought, I am the old woman who lived in a shoe.

I also thought, I’m so grateful to be her.

I also thought, isn’t amazing that a nursery rhyme can say so much.

It’s poetry.

Poetry that’s been passed down and over and under and all over. Poetry that has many meanings. Poetry that teaches kids to read. Poetry that evokes an emotional response.

It seems so simple but it does so much.

I love words.

The end.



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2 responses to “The shoe lady

  1. I like this image of our family walking down the street. it’s lovely and perfect.


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