Monday, Monday

Just a moment to write today.

Ann Dee and I finished our novel.

Here’s what I hope–that it sells.

And that we do well with the book.

Because Ann Dee was so much fun to write with.

She knows so much.

She had a baby and is moving and still finished this project with me.

So I want to be able to write with her again and again.



Find someone to write with.

Someone who isn’t a control freak or doesn’t expect perfection right away or who doesn’t have to have everything his way.

Make a plan.

Meet at McDonald’s and go in the play area and take turns writing or never meet and write chapter by chapter a book you have no idea anything about.

Follow the lead of your partner.

Have her follow your lead.

Hansel and Gretal it to the end.


As you write, you’ll both be dropping hints that the other has to figure out.

Just like you do when you write anything on your own.


Have fun.



Try a genre you wouldn’t normally write.

Don’t stress.


Love it.

Trust each other.


Let me know how it goes.


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