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Three Things Thursday


One of the biggest problems I have with novels is boredom. The characters all start to sound the same, the scenes all feel repetitive, and it seems like I will never be able to stop typing.
Sometimes it can help to change a setting. If a scene happens in a school, can it be changed to an arcade? If it’s at a park, can it be changed to a hospital?
Just the act of changing a setting can inject new life to a murky middle. It energizes me and gets me excited about writing again. If it were a movie, an entirely new set would need to be built, and as a writer, we need to do the same thing. And for me, that sense of creating something new is what I love best.
What helps you with your boredom?
 I was looking at some gorgeous pictures of The Great Outdoors: snow, autumn leaves, sun breaking through clouds, sun trying to break over the mist disguising — who knows what?  Gigantic and ancient trees, showing the scars of their age. Mountains poking their noses through a morning mist.  Flowers of vibrant colors and various sorts. The occasional rabbit. Waterfalls, up close or at a distance. A distant moon hanging over a darkening landscape.  The design of the wind on hill after hill of desert sand. Rushing water. Still water.
What of nature can you include in your book, in a scene?  How can it change the mood, the feeling, of this scene or even that character?  What memorable marvels of nature could you include for atmosphere, or relaxation, or tension?
Rick is now undergoing the radiation treatments. I’m not sure if he’s on a consistent schedule (every day at noon).  We will let you know what happens late this afternoon or evening.

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