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One of my good friends gave me a journal called A Line A Day diary. The concept is that for five years, even if you only write one sentence (there’s room enough for about three for each day), you will have a valuable record. You will also be able to compare what you did each year on each day.

It’s awesome.

And it takes discipline–a sentence a day! Who would have thought?

I am convinced that discipline more than anything else is the key to success as a writer (although the definition of success can be debated).

Right now, I am taking a look at my life and trying to decide what is most important to me. I am also trying to decide when and how and where I will write–I need to make it more conscious.

I think it’s important to take stock. To step back and re-evaluate.

I have decided that I am a writer.

And I need to make it more a part of my daily life.

And I need to let myself love it like I used to.

I need to make mistakes.

And write funny stories.

And spend more time with other writers.

And laugh.

And find joy in the process more than the product.

When do you write?

Is it fun?

Do you laugh?


Eat pizza?

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