To blog or not to blog

My husband teased my last week because not only did I not get FIVE comments, I didn’t even get ONE comment.

I teased him because he has a mustache and that’s gross.

I  don’t mind not getting comments. I actually don’t mind if nobody reads this (does Carol mind? Maybe. Sorry). For me, blogging forces me to put sentences together. Lately that has not happened in any other forum. I also have a personal blog that I only write on when I am under extreme duress, or I am mad, or I can’t talk to anyone because I’ll start crying–so that blog is a little more regular than this one. Ha ha.

I do however have writing friends who don’t blog because they feel like it wastes writing time and energy.

Or they think no one reads blogs anymore (twitter is the thing).

Or they say it’s actually NOT writing practice because it’s a different type of writing.

Here are the questions:

1. Do you blog?

2. Why do you blog?

3. Is it a writing exercise?

4. Can it be a waste of time?

5. Do you read blogs?

6. Do you think twitter is the thing?

7. Do you find kale to be disgusting?

8. How many times a week do you wash your hair?

9. Do you think all writers should have blogs?

10. Do you think we should stop blogging and move to Hawaii?

That is all for today.



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15 responses to “To blog or not to blog

  1. CLW

    I hate that no one comments because I’m NOT sure if anyone is reading what we’re doing. Plus I’ve been to Hawaii and I didn’t love it. It was expensive.

  2. DK

    great blog entry!!!

  3. 1. Only when I feel like it. Like once a month? Or less.
    2. Because every now and then I want to put something out there that’s too long for Twitter. Also, I still don’t really get Twitter.
    3. Nope. Except for sometimes.
    4. ?
    5. A few.
    6. Yes, but I’m not part of it.
    7. YES. But I’m drinking it in my breakfast smoothie right now.
    8. Like 4 or 5?
    9. No, especially if all they have to say is “buy my stuff.”
    10. I’ve been trying to move to Hawaii for a while but I’ve never been there so maybe I should visit first.

  4. Cheryl Christensen

    I read your blog! Some days it’s the only thing I get to read. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into everything – you are wonderful!!!

  5. benschwensch

    I read all of your blogs. Twice. Each. First I read it to myself and laugh. Or cry. Then I read it out loud to my husband. He laughs. Once in a while he wipes away a tear without letting me see it. I feel bad that I didn’t write 5 responses to your one last week. I thought about it. But I was at WIFYR. And they kept giving me assignments. Assignments that I HAD to write. And notes from all the classes. And Speakers. And Visitors.

  6. benschwensch

    Now I want to answer your questions:

  7. benschwensch

    1. Yes
    2. Because my group depends on me (ABC Writers Guild) to do the blogging.
    3. Yes.
    4. OF COURSE!
    5. Only on Throwing Up Words. And the Author’s Think Tank. And sometimes the Utah Children’s Writers.

  8. benschwensch

    6. UGH! Absolutely NOT!
    7. UGH! Absolutely YES ! ! !
    8. Daily. Unless I don’t wash ANYthing.
    9. No. Then who would pay any attention to mine?
    10. Yes. That would be moving “back home” for me.

  9. benschwensch

    And now you have 7 — COUNT THEM — SEVEN comments on this ONE blog! Do we get to have bonus assignments?. For all our extra effort? Even though you didn’t promise extra things to do on THIS blog ? ? ?

  10. I read every post you guys do. I love it 🙂
    1. Yes
    2. I blog to talk about my writing process and the things I’ve learned
    3. Sometimes
    4. I don’t think so
    5. Yes. I follow 5 or 6.
    6. I think it depends. My blog is linked to my twitter
    7. Never tried it
    8. 3 or 4 times
    9. I think it’s good to have blogs because it makes writers feel less distant
    10. No haha

  11. crazyreader101

    You writers are so funny. That said, I can relate to aiming to post something on Facebook that’s way too long and inappropriate, just to hammer some ideas out. Yet when all is said and done, sometimes it’s still too long and I guess if I really have to say it, I condense it into a 5,000 ton brick in around 100 words that falls from Facebook sky and scares most of my friends away. It’s kind of fun actually. I don’t do it for the likes and comments either, but sometimes I wonder…

  12. I lost your blog for a while, but have found it now and really like what I’ve read so far. Including your last post.
    To answer your questions, though. I don’t blog. But I wish I did. That’s the only question I will answer. 🙂

  13. Kim Woodruff

    I love your blog :-). It’s like having a little bit of WIFYR all year long.

  14. Ten comments! (Except Brenda kind of cheated but she’s nice like that). Thank you everyone.

  15. I read your blog. Usually. Though I banned myself from the internet this month so I could finish my novel, which I was able to do since I was not reading or writing blog posts.
    As to your questions:
    2. I’m not sure, but I feel compelled.
    3. Yes.
    4. Yes.
    5. Yes, when I haven’t banned myself from the internet so I can finish my novel.
    6. Hate twitter, though I do use it sometimes. Only because I was told writers must.
    7. Love kale, especially in green smoothies. Do you want my recipe?
    8. Depends on how much I’m writing.
    9. Yes. If you like it.
    10. No, Ireland.


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