three things thursday


One of my friends just posted on Facebook that during a phone call to her husband, they both heard a distinct clicking noise. When she spoke to it, it responded. 

Her explanation was that the clicking was aliens trying to communicate. Other people commented that it was the weather, cell phone interference, or the government spying.
What’s the first thing you thought it was? Whatever your first thought was, throw it out. What was your second idea? Your third? What would your character have thought?
Now that WIFYR is over (and I’ve slept and slept and slept for several days), thought I’d share an occasional topic or idea that resonated with me while I was there.  One of the panels consisting of Ann White, Ann Cannon and Michelle Branson discussed non-fiction.  Specifically, non-fiction for kids.  It was suggested that we take a look at children’s magazines who are ALWAYS looking for interesting non-fiction ideas, and often for poetry as well. They need articles about people doing good things, helpful things, funny things, accidental things.
Your kid was in a class program and something funny happened?  Write about it.
You had an odd, funny, difficult, sad, happy incident in your childhood?  Write about it.
You know a favorite family story that would bring a chuckle or show the way things were “back in the day”?  Write about it.
We can step beyond the boundaries of Utah’s own The Friend magazine to look at Cricket, Boys’ Life,Girls’ Life,Highlights, Jack and Jill, Ladybug, Stone Soup, to name just a few.  Not familiar with many of them?  Go to your friendly neighborhood library, and spend a few pleasant hours seeing who’s publishing what and where.  Need more info? Check out the Writer’s Market: they list many publishers, approximate prices for work . . . and just seeing what each is looking for will probably give you enough ideas to work on all month!
Happy Publishing!
How do you get done all the important things that must be done?
Right now I’m so tired.
I know most of this is from stress, but I am almost weak from exhaustion.
What do you do when you get to this point?
Just watch TV?
Go running?
Eat ice cream?
Suggestions gladly accepted.


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2 responses to “three things thursday

  1. Carol, first of all I’m sure WIFYR was wonderful! Congratulations on another great year.

    Suggestions: I sleep, but since I have insomnia, I watch TV, which causes me to not be able to sleep. When I do fall asleep (Tuesday 5:30 am, last night sometime after 3:00) the Timpview Band starts practicing and wakes me up, and if that isn’t enough, it gets hot. Of course the heat is one of the reasons I don’t sleep in the first place.

    I suggest meditation, which I have never learned to do. Good luck.

  2. crazyreader101

    dear dear dear dear. okay. so last night I was tired for being way too old for college at 24 and laying down on my face after work. Just felt like I had to read em scriptures, and popped em open right before knocking off. Lo and behold, I get some personal revelation concerning my future wife – haha – and something about not letting the mighty man run off. So in my prayers I asked, “Who is the strong man?” And God answered and said “Jesse.” I try not to embellish too much, but I kept drifting in and out of consciousness, thinking about how things might go, laughing a bit as I moved from my bed to my brothers’ bed, and feeling whether in this life or the next, things gonna be gooood man. Btw, Jesse is someone I work with. Pray for me ladies!!! Know I couldn’t have got this far w/out you. Thank you. You’re wonderful.


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