15 Minute Monday

I just saw this “Give Yourself an Exciting Horoscope!” Geez. All this time I’ve been looking at the old, boring, supposed-to-happen horoscopes. I think I’ll opt for exciting from now on.

This morning I’m sending an email to an editor. I have an idea. An awful idea!
The Lynch gots a wonderful, awful idea!

This idea is naughty, even.

And I want to see what my-hopefully-soon-to-be editor thinks. I sorta think she’ll say no. If she does, I’m talking to my agent.

I’ve never done this before–you know, come up with an idea that I think is controversial in the publishing world. I mean, I’m even thinking of using a different name. Probably I’ll use a play on John Green’s name, because that will help sell the novel. Joan Green. Anyway, let’s put that aside. My question to you is, when do you KNOW you must write a book?

Maybe a book outside your comfort zone.

Maybe a book that could get you in trouble.

Maybe a book that needs to be written but will be hard as all get out. (Yes, that’s a thing. That’s historical slang.)

Usually when I write anything it’s because I must. Something hilarious happened. Or something horrible. Or something frightening. And now there’s this emotion and it needs to be set free.

And this idea is sorta like that.

I have this unhappy feeling in my gut that has to come out.


Why do YOU write?

Not the average answer, “Because I have to.” We all know that. But why do you have to write? And why do you choose the ideas you choose? None of this, ideas choose me. We pluck them from the air or from the news or from other titles or from people.

Your answer is?




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