My foot

Lately I feel like there is someone’s foot in my stomach. Not like I ate it, because that would be gross, but more like I’ve been kicked hard right in the belly and somehow the foot got caught in my fat rolls and it’s never coming out. Ever.

Do you ever feel kicked in the stomach and the foot is stuck in your fat rolls and it feels like it’s never coming out?

Maybe you hurt someone’s feelings and you’re sick about it and you can’t fix it and nothing is every the same? Maybe you lost someone and you’ll never get to talk to them again and you can’t seem to breathe? Perhaps you made a decision and then you weren’t sure it was the right one but then there was no turning back and maybe moving forward seems scary and you wish you could rewind and stay safe?

Ever have any of those?

What do you do? How do you get the foot out?

And if you can’t get the foot out, how do you move on?

Today I am going to write 500 words. I’m tired, my throat is sore and then there’s the foot. But I can write 500 words.

Can’t we always write 500 words? Even if we feel completely empty? And if not 500 words, what about 250? Or maybe 150?

My goal is to do that, to write, because writing equals creating. Creating equals joy.

Love to all of you,

Ann Dee



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2 responses to “My foot

  1. CLW

    I swear to you–I swear to you–it’s going to be okay. Better than okay. Amazing. I swear.

  2. benschwensch

    Yes, what CLW said !


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