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Three Things Thursday

Ms Cheryl:

A writer’s “writing space” is a revered, almost legendary idea. I’ve heard one writer say that she had no writing space…as long as she has her laptop, she’s good to go. I know of another that needs a particular chair with a view, a yellow notepad, and a certain brand of tea. One friend needs pictures, toys, and brightly colored walls. Another needs a completely clutter-free desk.
For me, I need my books. I need to see them, to touch them, to remember the end goal in all of this. I need to look at the beautiful cover art. I need every series to be lined up, in order.
On the other hand, I once wrote an entire novel in a journal while sitting in a rocking chair every night for months, trying to teach my daughter to fall asleep in her crib. So I can be flexible.
What about you? What does your workspace look like? What would your dream workspace look like?
Ms Brenda:
Do you believe in Evolution? If you are a writer, you should give that some thought. We keep talking about ARCs:: Character ARCs, Chapter ARCs, Story ARCs. What is that but Evolution?
The character begins in one place (i.e., living under the stairs in his Uncle’s house — an insecure boy not sure of his place in the world, not even sure if he HAS a place in the world). Then he finds out he’s expected to go to school. A wizarding school. Because he’s capable of creating and utilizing magic. That’s some “evolution” over multiple books (and YEARS) in his life.
This boy, like any other boy, will have to change and grow — “evolve” into a good and talented and worthy young man . . . or be caught in the evil web he’s woven by going in the opposite direction.
His story means he will meet new people, learn to adjust to his every-changing (and ever-challenging) environment. Like all of us, his story will include good, bad and ugly people and places. The story begins with him in dire straits and evolves into a story of achievement and beating the odds.
Each book in this seven-tomed mammoth has its own ARC as well. And the eighth ARC is in the total of all the volumes.
Whether you are writing a short story, a novel, or a non-fiction book, whether it is a stand-alone or a part of a series, ALL those ARCs must be thought of, figured out and central to its main characters, it’s place within the (or each) book, and its over-all view within the series if you intend (or your single “story” later) dictates a multi-volume work.
The sooner you figure out each of the individual threads, the more easily you will weave the story into the fabric of the full tale.
Ms Me:
I once gave a speech where I was talking about strong writing. Of course I mentioned to cut all the adverbs and as many adjectives as possible.
A woman in the audience said, “When you’re speaking YOU use adjectives and adverbs.”
Speaking ain’t writing.
If our lives were novels, there would be a LOT of stuff fast-forwarded, thrown away and edited to fit.
We’d be cut down to 300 pages (on the way long side for me!).
All our words wouldn’t be used.
And our thoughts? Ha!
No, when we write, we pick and choose.
Our stories are the best parts of us.

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