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Freaky Friday

One of my favorite books when I was younger was Freaky Friday. You know the story– Mary Rodgers wrote about a mom and daughter who change places for a day.

The book is funny and clever. If you haven’t read it, do.

So, here on TUW, we’re gonna try to find something odd, or freaky, or crazy, or fun, or fill-in-the-blank each week. I’m hoping these bits will inspire an incident you can use in your work, or even a whole idea. We’ll try to connect some kind of writing exercise to what we find.

First, something cool I didn’t know–the idea of switching bodies happens in the novel Vice Versa, pubbed in 1882.

And here’s and article on Rodgers. (She died a year ago. Boo.)


A couple of questions to help you along.

1. If you were going to change places with ANY writer, who would it be? And why would you do choose him/her? What do you expect you would learn?

2. To help you understand the motivation of your main character and the antagonist, have them switch places for 1000 words. What do you find out?

3. In Vice Versa, a stone helps with the transformation. In Freaky Friday, the mom makes the switch happen. What bit of magic or science would YOU use if you wrote such a book?

Let us know here.

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