Monday, Monday


Lynne Snyder has been my friend for many years. I can’t even remember how long–but a danged long time. Whenever I’m sad or overwhelmed or worried or too quiet or anything else, Lynne contacts me. She has for years. She sends notes, prayers, and sometimes THE best homemade caramels in the land.

Now my friend needs our prayers and good thoughts and best wishes. I’m worried for her. She’s doing some terribly hard things.

Will you remember her?

Will you contact her?

Will you let her know you care?

Lynne is a FABULOUS writer. She’s creative and funny. She’s a painter. She’s an excellent mother. A fine woman. A dear friend.

She’s been through the mill. Really. I know only a few people who’ve done what Lynne has. And she does it with grace and endurance and humor. She has deep faith. I’ve learned so much from Lynne and I love her.




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2 responses to “Monday, Monday

  1. My heart, dear Lynne, my heart.

  2. benschwensch

    Wish I knew her — we ALL have our turns at “bearing the unbearable,” and it’s not easy . . . but it IS worth the effort! Hang in there, through whatever.


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