So, yes, Brenda–you can make your own goals.

Ann Dee wants you to be happy while you write.

I just want to get words on the paper.

My goals are as follows: work on two already finished novels. Rewrite as much as I can.

I should do this happily, but I won’t.

What I want to do is just watch TV or go to bed or anything other than think.


it’s that time of year and I need to write. Writing will make me feel better.

So there.

Also, I am in SLJ for an interview:

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One response to “Marathoning

  1. benschwensch

    Great Job on SLJ! And thanks for including the link! The rest of this week (and into Sunday of next week) had looked perfect for “gettin’ down on a Marathon.” Then we decided to go to the Opera Festival in Logan — we didn’t go last year, and I was disappointed to miss all of it. So here’s my PLAN: I’ve been working today through more of Julia Cameron’s THE ARTIST’S WAY. I’ll take it with me, but that work —- as necessary as it is to me right now — will be just little dips into it as time allows, but a LITTLE BIT each day: I will write between 750- 1,000 words every day WITH JOY (no, that’s not a person, it’s my attitude while writing) — maybe even with GLEE. I’m thinking I may try to hammer out some of my goof-ball ideas for children’s stories or silly, fun poems. And I’m going to gift myself with the TIME to read more of THE MISTS OF AVALON by Marion Zimmer Bradley.


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