TODAY it begins!

First day of the challenge! There’s still time to invite your friends and your family and your kids and your writing parters.


  1. Four days in a row of consistent writing (you decide how long)
  2. You must have fun. You must be excited. You must write with GUSTO busto.

That’s all.

I am feeling hopeful today. And happier than I have in a long time. Are you feeling hopeful and happy? if not, that’s okay. Write your feelings.

Post anything that happens that is surprising. Post successes. Post any gusto-y moments.

I’ll check in later today.

The end.

P.S. For this challenge, Tanei Henry also has to eat chia seeds and leafy green vegetables exclusively.

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One response to “TODAY it begins!

  1. I’m in. We can make our own goals, right?


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