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Thursday–How’d You Do?

How did you do?

Still writing?

I’m off to bed.

Tomorrow? More of the same!

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Writing Happily?

Are you still going strong? Still working on something?

So far today I’ve rewritten a chapter with Ann Dee Candy and rewritten 23 pages on my other novel.

What about you?

Are you gasping for air, but still smiling?

Are you loving the work?

Wishing there were more hours in the day?

Are you trying to catch up?

Leap ahead?

Stay even?

Let us know.

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It’s 2:30–Do You Know Where Your Manuscript Is?

How’s it going?

Are you writing?

Are you happy in your writing?

Are you completing your goals?

Working hard?

Loving the work?

Keep going!

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You don’t have to be happy, Carol. You just have to write with Gusto.

Does GUSTO=happiness?


Maybe not.

Gusto might be just getting into it, wanting to keep going, you could be bawling your face off while you do it but you still have gusto?



Can you be excited about your writing and also be depressed?

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