Writing Happily?

Are you still going strong? Still working on something?

So far today I’ve rewritten a chapter with Ann Dee Candy and rewritten 23 pages on my other novel.

What about you?

Are you gasping for air, but still smiling?

Are you loving the work?

Wishing there were more hours in the day?

Are you trying to catch up?

Leap ahead?

Stay even?

Let us know.

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One response to “Writing Happily?

  1. benschwensch

    1 – Goals: Write 750-1000 words per day
    2 – Read: Artist’s Way & Mists of Avalon daily
    1 – Wrote: happily, giddily 1135 words Thursday, 1219 words today; these have been impossibly difficult, as we’re attending the Opera Festival, couldn’t find ANYwhere to stay and have to keep driving to our motel in Preston, ID — and getting internet with the little time we have has been VERY difficult (the program I’m writing on right now is on internet); still It’s been getting done. Also spent some time looking over kid’s bks ideas from a Rick Walton workshop some time ago to find other pieces to write\\
    Tomorrow we’ll have a little more time to work, as we have only one show to see between noon and probably 3:30-4 pm. And we’re staying in the motel through part of Sunday. Will work on these goals Sat. am. until 10:15,then again in the afternoon from 4:00 or so until we drop into bed. I’m adding Sunday until check-out time at 11 am to do a little catch-up on the goals.
    2 – The reading is waiting until Saturday a.m. & p.m. & Sunday a.m.


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