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I am reading Dead End In Norvelt by Jack Gantos right now.

It makes me wish I was a better writer.

It makes me wish I could write all day.

It makes me laugh out loud.

I have written every day but not very much every day.

Also, I bought a gigantic box of peaches that were cheaper because they were seconds and you know what? They’re delicious. They’re juicy. They’re probably better than those snotty perfect peaches sitting all fancy and smug in their white boxes. Maybe your seconds manuscripts deserve a chance? Maybe they’re better than you think?


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Freaky Marathon Writing Friday

Hello, Everyone. I was up early this morning checking in on conference I’m doing next week with SLJ. I’ve never done anything like this before and I was a little nervous. Only a couple of people showed for the practice which makes me think I’m the odd gal out in being a newbie. And oldie newbie.

Today is the third day of marathoning.

Are you up and raring to go?





Me? I just want to get these books done.

So off we go!

Good luck!

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