Freaky Marathon Writing Friday

Hello, Everyone. I was up early this morning checking in on conference I’m doing next week with SLJ. I’ve never done anything like this before and I was a little nervous. Only a couple of people showed for the practice which makes me think I’m the odd gal out in being a newbie. And oldie newbie.

Today is the third day of marathoning.

Are you up and raring to go?





Me? I just want to get these books done.

So off we go!

Good luck!

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One response to “Freaky Marathon Writing Friday

  1. Andrea

    I’ve only written about 2,000 words so far this week, but I’ve been enjoying the process more than I have in a while. Thank you for that!

    As a side note, my six-year-old son was just standing behind me on the computer chair, looking over my shoulder. He read the title of the blog and said, “Throwing up words? That’s disgusting!” (He says it “gus-gusting.”) Now he’s pretending to gag and throw up words. So thank you for that as well. 🙂 (Personally, I love the title of the blog, because it so perfectly describes what we have to do sometimes in order to get the story out.)

    As another side note, Carol, I saw the little interview on SLJ about Never Said. You were as eloquent and lovely as always.


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