15 Minute Monday

So how did you do on the marathon?

I didn’t get as much as I wanted rewritten, but I am thrilled that I wrote.

For the next few days I’m gonna work on rewriting this novel.



You all are mostly silent, but I need a bit of help. I’d love some freewrite ideas for my classes at BYU.

I want them to be flash freewrites. Something that can be done in about a minute.



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5 responses to “15 Minute Monday

  1. I didn’t write every day while I had four extra kids around but I did write one of the days, maybe two. It’s all a blur. And it was helpful that I was thinking about having fun while I wrote so I put something in a scene that I wasn’t planning but was fun. Maybe it will stay, maybe it won’t, but at least the juices were flowing.

    Funny thing, when I first read the post I read “flesh” instead of “flash” rewrites and I was thinking how interesting and almost scandalous that could get at a BYU class. Or not. Ann told us she has a jar of nouns next to her bed that she uses for free writes. Spoon, fork, knife, breast, toes, femur. Actually, I have no idea what’s in her jar but a jar of flesh nouns I might have to create for myself.

  2. I did well on the marathon even though I was on vacation. I wrote every day and had fun with my scenes.

  3. benschwensch

    Wrote every day — all but one day well over 1,000 words — the other was only 800-something. I’d planned on some serious reading ABOUT writing & creativity, but the Opera Festival and driving back and forth from Logan to Preston, ID, every day (the ONLY place that had ONE motel room available!) took its toll on the reading part. That’s all OK, though, ’cause I’ve just set myself up with some awesome writing/reading goals from now thru Sept. 26. AND my “intention” is (thanks, AnnDee) to do it JOYFULLY ! ! !

  4. benschwensch

    Carol: what about giving them a few two-word prompts: VERBS: to walk, to chortle, to giggle, to fashion, (YES, as a VERB), to resonate, etc.

  5. benschwensch

    Sorry— that seemed like such a good idea I HAD to try it:

    One cannot chortle silently,
    Or even with much brevity,
    “To chortle” is just to have some fun,
    Then involve . . . well . . . everyone!
    It’s raucous, noisy or even rude,
    (Especially when you’re eating food!)


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