This Gorgie Lady

Yesterday, instead of packing or writing or getting a syllabus ready, I cut my bangs.

Short. Really short.

I’ve always wanted to do it and so I asked the new girl at the hair salon go for it. I even showed her a picture. This picture, actually.


she looked at the is famous, young, gorgie actress and then looked at me and my face and my clothes and the hair growing out my chin and said, we’ll go a little conservative.

Then she gave me a mom cut. I always get mom cuts no matter what I do.

So I kept the mom cut for a few days.

And then, maybe because I was sad, or maybe because I was overwhelmed, or maybe because I really wanted short bangs, I got the scissors and did something I have never done in my life. I cut my dumb own hair.

It doesn’t look gorgie like her and It may look a little Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber but it’s deliberate and it’s different and it’s not a mom cut.

Get your manuscript.

Stop being conservative.

Stop doing what you’re always doing.

Stop letting other people dictate what you do.

Use your gut.

Decide what the book really really really needs.

Get your scissors and stop being scared and go for it. You deserve it and your book deserves it.

The end.

Please let me move to a new house by the end of the week, short bangs and all.


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3 responses to “This Gorgie Lady

  1. Just like a toddler with the scissors. I’m sure it’s a better look than you’re describing — and kudos for just going for it. And now I’ll try to cut short bangs on my WIP.

  2. CLW

    Some day I’ll tell you when I cut my own hair. Here is just a line or two of it: Who did this to you?
    Ummm, someone who was learning to cut hair.
    Well, I hope you didn’t pay her.
    I certainly did not.

  3. benschwensch

    Thanks for the laugh(S). Also, I feel a LOT like your description of YOU — any chance we could be long-lost twins, AnnDee?


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