Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

Writing Routines.

Last night I had drinks and great gossip with a fellow writer. We talked a bit about writing, but mostly gossiped which I very much enjoyed.

But it made me realize that my whole “routine” for writing has changed in the last year.

With this latest book I’m working on {almost finished THANK YOU BABY!}, it’s been a lot different.

I like to make my bed, {most of the time}. I like to turn on a playlist of angsty girl music. {I would recommend a lot of Chelsea Wolfe, Widowspeak, Meg Myers, and Lana Del Rey, when writing a book with a crazy lead character}
The I make myself a cocktail. {wine, or some gin and juice} {sorry Mom}

Bundle up, and start writing.

Try not to think too hard about it, the hard thinking comes with rewrites. For the first draft, just go with the flow and type the words that pop in your head first. {even the swear words. you can take those out later!}

Next thing you know, you’re done! and you’re famous! and everyone loves you. {okay so that’s a lie but at least you’re done!}

So that’s my bit of info for the week.


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