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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

People said when I turn 25, things are going to change, and that life is going to get better.
My life has been great. Really! But sometimes I feel sorry for myself. Partly because I’ve been so lonely, and my job has been horrible the last few months. I got screwed over by my boyfriend, and some of people I’ve dated haven’t been very nice to me.

But my friends kept telling me, don’t worry, turning 25 will be good for you.

I’m 25 now.

Last week I was offered a new job, with great pay, amazing benefits, and a fantastic schedule. A schedule that I allows me to write, workout, and be social.

Also,I sold my first book! I haven’t been allowed to say much about it, but I have never been more scared and excited in my whole life. Really.
Here’s what happened:

I got the phone call from my agent early in the morning. The night before I had gone to a heavy metal show where I partied, and danced, and sang, and blah blah. I came home feeling sorry for myself because the guy I’d gone with had spent the whole night with his ex-girlfriend.
I woke up feeling way tired, sore from dancing, and a bit hungover from the gin and tonics.

Then I saw that I had a missed call from a number from New York. And the rest is history!

As hard has things get, I haven’t given up on my dreams. It seems my hard work is starting to pay off.

All because I haven’t given up.

Even though I’ve wanted to.

This whole post has been a ramble.  I’m sorry. I guess I am just excited to share my happiness, and see what amazing things happen in the future.


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