Monday, Monday

We are just one week from NaNoWriMo.

Are you playing?

Every year I think I’m gonna do it. Then something comes up like, I’m in the middle of a novel already. Or I’m doing rewrites. Or I’m moving.

The couple of times I’ve tried NaNo, I was behind by day one and there was just no catching up for me.

This year?

Yes. I’ll try again.

I have a book idea I want to work on.

What about you?

I don’t think it’s a bad idea to go with an idea, fully formed, juicy and ready to be plucked off the tree and eaten. I mean, written.

So IF you were going to participate, what would you work on?
Would you take weekends off?

Do you know your character?

Have an idea for a plot?

Look into it.

See if you want to participate.

I didn’t tell you one year I nearly completed a novel. Almost met the 50,000 word goal even.

What do you think?

Join me?



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6 responses to “Monday, Monday

  1. Karen Pierotti

    I’m going to try NaNo this year though I’m still in the process of editing. It helped me finish the novel though now I’m doing rewrites/major editing. But my plot went off in an unexpected and more interesting way. So, for me, NaNo is more like a sort of brainstorming . . . throwing up words!

  2. I’m not going to do full NaNo because I’m going on a 10-day trip to Israel starting on the 18th. I want to try and figure out a word count goal that I can accomplish in the period of time that I have.

  3. benschwensch

    I’ve “won” several times, and the first few of those wins were when I was just coming up on giving finals, and papers to grade, etc., etc. The ONE thing I did NOT need to know about me: I’m actually capable of writing MOST of my 50K in the days of the Thanksgiving Break and it’s following week-end. But, WARNING: it’s BRUTAL to do it that way ! ! !
    I’ll be there again this year, but trying to do it at legitimately close to 1667 PER DAY THROUGHOUT ! ! !

  4. CLW

    I agree, Brenda. I want to live and write, not just write!


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