Three Thing Thursday


Nothing marks your life like a blog where you write once or twice a week. It’s time (again) for TTT. Last week flew. How does this keep happening?

NaNoWriMo–I have been writing my 2000 words a day. This is good for me. Three days so far and I’ve met the goal.

But what if you’re behind already?

This is what I think–NaNo is to help YOU. So if it doesn’t because of life, shape it so it will.

Maybe you say, ‘Hey. During the month of November I will write just 200 words a day. Just 100. Just 50.’ And then you meet your goal. You may not get the T-shirt, but you did it! You did the thing that maybe shook you lose. To me, that’s success.

BTW, it’s snowing. Almost not there flakes, but it’s falling.



Where do you go when you need to write something, but have NO ideas?  Doesn’t matter if it’s a blog, a chapter, a whole book, a poem, you MUST have some place to turn.  Let’s try sharing some idea-spawning “places” to go.
My computer:  I have a file for emails called “To Read”.  I put in this file blogs I didn’t have time to read, articles various someones have sent me recently, pieces that caught my attention, but I didn’t finish at the time, or that I KNEW I’d want to read again later.
I have piles and piles of Writer’s Digest, The Writer, and even Publishers Weekly.  There’s almost always something there which catches my attention.
I belong to a critique group which meets weekly:  I LISTEN.  Some of their ideas kick off alternative ideas in my head.  If my “new” idea has promise, I jot it down, or commit its keeping to my computer in a file labeled “BB [that’s me] ideas.  They may be ideas for a poem, a short story, a children’s book or a whole novel.  Every now-and-again, I open the file and re-read its contents.  Often, that alone sparks some new ideas.
So, where do YOU go for another idea?  PLEASE share ! ! !



It’s November! Time for Nanowrimo!!

Unfortunately, I won’t be participating. I have three novels in need of rewriting…so no time for new novels. But I love cheering on everyone that’s participating!
One of my Facebook friends is keeping herself motivated by posting one sentence she’s written that day to her Facebook status. Another bought a box of her favorite chocolates and allows herself to have one every time she hits her goal word count.
What are you doing to keep yourself motivated?

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