NaNo (con)

Almost a week in, Everyone. How are you doing?

I’m writing 2000 words a day. Not counting emails or facebook musings, though I want to. 😉

What I have found works for me–do the bulk of the writing FIRST thing in my day.

Don’t think over each word, just write.


Time myself–30 minutes on writing. 30 minutes doing household chores and family stuff.


Hint–Behind? Join in now, add 50 additional words per day (or whatever the math is).

Hint–Working on something else–like a rewrite or a whatever? Make NaNoWriMo work for you by adjusting goals from 1666 words a day to whatever will push you a little.

Hint–Stop reading this and go write!


PS–What’s  working for you?



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3 responses to “NaNo (con)

  1. benschwensch

    Not having doctor’s appointments every day (and often, EARLY, during my BEST writing times) would actually help a LOT ! ! ! Oh, well.

  2. I’m changing the subject. Where are the book reports? Isn’t Friday the day?

  3. CLW

    Our book gal has sick children. We should be hearing from her soon. Have a book you want to share, Lynne?


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