From Our Dear Brenda Bensch

Brenda sent this to me before Thanksgiving and as I did nothing online last week, I wanted to post here, now.
LOVE you, Brenda.
Happy Thanksgiving ! ! !  Or are you mostly feeling rushed, harried and out of time ?
My way to cure this has been, for years and years, the practice of celebrating Thanksgiving Eve with family.
On the Wednesday before the holiday no one is clamoring for access to my grandchildren . . . you know: parents, in-laws, those sorts of people.  They have their fill of their “children” — who are now all adults anyway — on the holiday itself.  This leaves me free to enjoy a quiet holiday with just my husband.  And I don’t even have to cook: we’ll have LOTS of left-overs ! ! !
Anticipating my day of “rest” ON the holiday, suddenly make me think of a non-fiction book I read almost 20 years ago, just after it came out.  It touched me profoundly at the time, and to ward off getting lost in the muddle of the Eve we celebrate and the Holiday during which we relax, I hauled the book out to give it a bit of a re-read: “Timeshifting” by Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D.
Deepak Chopra said of this book that Stephan “elegantly demonstrated that by learning to make conscious decisions in present-centered awareness, we can create joy in our lives and become masters of our own destiny.”  And Christiane Northrup, M.D., of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” fame, said Rechtschaffen “has done a masterful job of articulating the effect of time perception on our health and sense of well-being.  I am convinced that our ability to change our relationship to time, as much as any factor, is an essential key to creating health on all levels.  This book is an excellent guide to both the theory and practice of timeshifting.”
Though I found no copies available through the Salt Lake County library system, it IS still available through Amazon and I REALLY recommend his ideas for slowing your life down so you can enjoy events rather than
just passing through them.
Next week, I’ll share a bit more of his wisdom . . . but take a look, if you can FIND THE TIME!

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