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Happy New Year?

Your goals last year, exactly as I saved them.


Kim Woodruff:
Happy New Year! I made 50 goals yesterday. I’m going to narrow them down today. Last year my goal was to be more consistent with my writing. This year I want to be more “hardcore” like Shannon Hale said in a recent post. I plan to write and read more, waste less of my writing time on brainstorming/trying to figure out how to get it right before I start, and learn to let myself write really bad drafts before I start trying to perfect things. And I want to keep querying agents and attend conferences (yea for WIFYR!).

Carol Williams:

more interviews with authors, editors and agents
finish revising with Ann Dee and send the book off–done in April

My goal this year is to learn self-discipline and do something productive every day! I’d prefer to make significant progress on all my major projects every day, but I’ll settle for doing something productive every day. 🙂 Although, writing every day must happen. That’s the other condition. Some writing, and something else productive.

1. Write something (significant) every day.
2.  Read something (significant) every day.
3.  Do some (significant) exercise (AT LEAST) 6 days a week
4.  Clean or put away something (major) every day.
(I should really clean out some of the boxes from when I moved here.
Almost 5 years ago.
And from when Herb moved here.
Almost 3 years ago.).
5.  Do something (noticeably) (kind/good) (to/for) someone every day.

And my check list will be even simpler:
1.  Write
2.  Read
3.  Exercise
4.  Clean
5.  Kind

Ann Dee:
1. Feel like a writer again.
2. Feel like a person again.
3. Eat more fish.
4. Get a space heater of my very own.
5. Finish the short story that is due.
6. Write one novel.
7. Not get a full facial wax.
8. Write a short story.
9. Learn how to poach eggs. Maybe try Eggs Benedict.
10. Read a book.



Only 5 of us played.

How did you do?

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