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I just got a text that if I spend ten dollars on yogurt and toppings I will get a free cooler bag.

Would that tempt you?

Today my baby pooped in the tub. I’ve written about my horror and fear of this phenomenon before. However, today ¬†I embraced the poop (not literally). I cleaned it up. And then I cleaned the tub. And the walls. And the floors. And the sink. And the toilet and every single thing I could see in that bathroom. This happened last week when she pooped and the week before and the week before (She really relaxes in the tub). And so now it’s safe to say that though I don’t want her to do it and I certainly discourage it, I have come to appreciate her pooping as a means to get my chores done.

Is this like getting a free cooler bag if I buy yogurt? Not really. But it is nice when doing one thing that maybe you don’t want to do leads to doing something else that you need to do but have been putting off (again, this has nothing to do with the yogurt because I want yogurt and I don’t need a cooler bag nor have I been putting off getting one and this makes me feel like why am I even talking about that text and why do I get texts from Yogurtland? How do I get them to stop without making them feel bad? They won’t feel bad because they don’t care so do I just text back, no thanks for the texts? Or stop texting me? Or UNSUBSCRIBE? I have really big¬†problems).

So writing. What things make you write even if you don’t want to and then you’re so happy because you finally did it?


Blog posts?

Writing groups?

Invitations to write a family history for a reunion?

Guilt trips at church?

Writing partners?

I’ve come to realize that in my middle age and my middle kids and middle-I-feel-too-exhausted, a little poop or pressure or help does me some motivation good.


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