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Kyra Leigh…

Hello gang!


It has been a few weeks since I’ve posted, and a lot has changed.


I quit my job!
I wasn’t getting the writing done that I needed. Every single day I went to work, I felt more overwhelmed than before.
Usually I am a very happy worker bee, but this particular job really wore me down. {Not to mention there was a lot of sexism going on and it was a borderline hostile work environment}
Don’t worry, I found a new job. 😉

Started a new novel!

I finished writing my third novel, and I am stuck in the middle of revisions. So you know what I did? I started something new. That I think I’m going to love. I feel very excited about this book! {“Book” is hardly the right word to use here..}


I moved last month and that took a chunk of my life away from writing. But now that I am settled {in the amazing town of Sugarhouse!} I feel like I could write all the novels in the world!
ALSO! I have Write/Art night every few weeks at my house. It’s usually on Mondays, but this week we are doing Thursday. All are welcome to come!


There is a boy….
And I like him.


That is all for now.

Happy Writing!!

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