Here are some writing exercises:

  1. Write about cheese.
  2. Write about your belly.
  3. Write about the time in third grade you got your heart broken.
  4. Write about airplanes.
  5. Write about the summer.
  6. Write about merry-go-rounds.
  7. Write a new plot for a book in 25 words or less (hate doing this but need to do this)
  8. Write about camping.
  9. Write about your best friend dying even if she isn’t.
  10. Write about mud slides in your backyard.
  11. Write hairy legs.
  12. Write about trucks.
  13. Write about George Washington.
  14. Write about the last time you cried.
  15. Write about the last time you laughed.
  16. Write an ending to a mystery.
  17. Write a beginning to a mystery.
  18. Write about your first favorite book.
  19. Write about melons.
  20. Write about candy.

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One response to “Tuesday

  1. benschwensch

    What KIND of candy ? ? ? Some AnnDeeCanDee ? ? ?


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