Fridays with Lisa

“You have to open your mind but not so much that your brain falls out.” The professor at the front of the room perched at the podium.

There wasn’t much I agreed with him on, but that point struck me.
The statement was directed to politics and social issues, but what about writing?
Having an open mind as a writer is pretty vital, but is there a point when it’s too much? Should we try to protect our brains to some extent?
Rain 27 out of 30 days.
That’s a lot of water and a lot of time inside with a seven-month old.
When it finally cleared just a couple days ago, I went outside and sat there. No phone or laptop, no ipad, no music playing or Netflix blaring. I breathed and kept breathing. Exposing ourselves to cultures and trends, news and social sites–all the crazy things the world has to offer isn’t a bad thing, but when do we step back? When do we take moments to protect our greatest writing asset, the brain. So it doesn’t fall out.
That’d be messy.

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