July Contest

I am interrupting a very important Potty Party to announce this contest. If my child wets his pants while I write this, someone is going to pay.

So, the contest. In order to jumpstart our writing and get over the kids-at-home-which-means-no-writing hurdles,AQA! we would you like you to list three writing and/or reading goals for the month.

A few things:

With each goal, make smaller, achievable goals to help you get to the finish line. For example if you want to finish a novel by the end of the month, make sure to write how you will do this (write 1000 words a day, go on a writing retreat for a weekend, turn off the internet after eight pm each night, reward each writing session with an episode of Brooklyn 99, etc.).

Make the goals things you can actually do. You can write every day. You can outline your mystery. You can revise 50 pages etc. You can make a website. You can be more active on Twitter. You can query 15 agents. Then there are things that you can’t control: Get an agent, hit the bestseller list, sell your book, etc.

Give yourself a prize that you really want. We are going to organize an end of summer celebration party (pool party? bowling? laser tag? (not laser tag–I hate laser tag)) for goal-reachers but we don’t know what will motivate you personally. So come up with something that will really make you go for it.

Tell everyone what know about your goals and have them help you make a plan to achieve them. The more support, the better. In fact, you can ask them what goals (not necessarily writing goals) they have for July and how you can help them.

Write your goals down. Post them somewhere where you can see them. Pray about them, talk about them, take small bites each day to reach them and be okay if you miss a couple days, but then get back on task.

That’s it! Write your goals in comments so we can keep track of each other. We’ll check in each week and write about our progress and yours. We’re going to get out of this summer lazy-sit-at-the-pool-and-do-nothing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA funk.

My goals:

  1. Revise copyedit draft of my novel (spend an hour a day doing this–I don’t love copyediting).
  2. Write and polish 50 pages of WIP (I like this. This will be my most fun goal–1000 words a day).
  3. Finish draft of novel with Carol (this is going to be hard because we’re stuck and it’s a mess and I’m supposed to write my part but I don’t know what to do next so that means I need to ALSO make time to meet with Carol, to make a plan and then force myself to do hard things).

What are your goals?

*Also, this month I’m going to read both of Adam Gidtwitz’s books out loud to my boys and I’m going to read some Ramona books. I love them and they remind me that small things are really big things to kids. What will you read?





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7 responses to “July Contest

  1. My goal, as part of Camp NaNoWriMo is to write 10,000 words in July. The catch for me is to do it before my wedding on the 29th. 450 words a day if I don’t do Sundays.

  2. CLW

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding, Whitney!

  3. CLW

    So I always over-goal. I’ll be reasonable this month.
    Writing goals:
    1. Finish book for hire. (1000 words per day)
    2. Outline my mystery and send in 20 pages to my agent and editor to see they are interested. (500 words a day until done)
    3. Finish draft of novel with Ann Dee (this is going to be hard because we’re stuck and it’s a mess [but this is a great story and we’re having fun and it’s super weird and already needs a big rewrite but what fun) and Ann Dee is supposed to write her part but we don’t know what to do next so that means we need to ALSO make time to meet with each other, to make a plan and then force ourselves to do hard things).

    I also want to read fiction for 30 minutes to an hour a day. Yippee for reading!

  4. benschwensch

    Writing: We just got back from the Shakespeare Festival Sunday night, and tomorrow we leave for Logan’s Opera Festival. I WILL get my 750 words per day on 750words.com — but that may be the best I can do until next Sunday (and even that day we’ll be driving home). I may be able to get a better outline formulated while we’re in Logan, it’s slightly less busy than the Shakespeare Festival. For the remainder of July (21 days) I will read and CUT 10 pages per day, then re-write those cut pages.
    Reading: I read books and books prepping for WIFYR and it made me realize how MUCH I’ve missed reading. I’m going to read more Utah writers (will have to specify which ones &/or which series when I pack tomorrow and decide what to take WITH, and what to SAVE at home for the 21 day stint. AT LEAST read 5 books! ! !

  5. Lee

    I wanted to say my goal is to finish my novel by the end of July, but it’s really by the end of August, so I’ll just say:

    1. Write 1000 words per day. More if I feel like it sometimes.

    2. Work on revision of novel #1 for 1/2 hour per day.

    3. Write a new query for novel #1.

  6. lisakroylance

    1. Finish revision for KEEPING IT DOWN (write at least fifteen minutes a day six days a week).
    2. Meet with Carol when I land in Provo (P.S. that’s at the end of the month, Carol, so I’ll keep you posted and hopefully we can find a time to rendezvous)
    3. Finish reading two out of the ten books I’ve started (read 30-60 minutes five days a week)


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