Hello Friends.

I want to share a little story with you:

I’m the bear leader in cub scouts. I don’t very much love being the Bear leader but it’s growing on me. One day, at Den Meeting, the boys are sitting there at my kitchen table. The other leader, a very nice woman about my age and very efficient and much more capable than me is also sitting at the table. I’m talking about forensics which I know nothing about. Nothing. I’m telling them how to get fingerprints.
Suddenly Van (my son: a bear) bursts out: Ewww!!!
He’s scratching hard at something on the table: Ewww!!!! Ewwww!!!! Ewwww!!!!!
What? the other boys say. What? the other leader says. I just say crap.
He says, there’s like a whole bunch of boogers all over the table.
Boogers??????!!!! they all scream.
I sit there. No. No. There’s no boogers, I say. I’m so calm. This is fine. No way are there boogers.
Mom, I’m serious. This is disgusting, he throws up his hands. This table is like booger land.
Ha ha . No boogers, I say. Stop being so silly. He’s silly. Isn’t he silly?
Then what is it? he says. It’s something disgusting it’s some bodily fluid.

Other leader smiles at me. I smile back.
It’s probably cereal, I say.
Cereal does not look like that, says one scout.
Yeah, not like that. it definitely looks like dried boogers, another scout says.

And they would know my friends. They would know.

This is something that happened to me this summer. It was fun. There were no boogers on my table.

Do you have any stories to tell?

Also, I just started this book: Homegoing. Who wants to read it with me? Who has suggestions of other diverse books? Who has been crying this week and not over dried boogers? What if through writing and reading we could be closer to one another, understand each other better, feel open to comfort and mourn with each other?




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3 responses to “Hello Friends.

  1. CLW

    I find it very interesting you were talking about forensics when the boogers were discovered. I bet boogers helped some investigator solve a crime.

  2. Lynne

    Yah, I’ve cried lately. On August 1st I will cry some more and take flowers to the cemetery. I now understand my friends who have lost a child. I was not involved in their pain. I am now. I see everyone’s pain with more clear eyes. Even a booger table owner’s pain. Don’t you just love kids honesty…even when it’s wrong? I once corrected my mom in front of her friends and later she said, “you made me a liar for five cents.” I’m still sorry. Maybe the booger-discoverer will be sorry, someday.

  3. Emily W

    I reserved Homegoing at the library.


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