Freaky Friday by Lisa

I’ve had this thought the past couple of days to sack the first novel that I wrote, bury all the paper copies I have somewhere in the woods and let animals devour them when they’re too starving or lazy to hunt.

I don’t think wild animals suffer from laziness.

That’s a domestic thing.
Over the weekend I listened to Neil Gaiman’s commencement speech at the University of the Arts in 2012. He talked about making good art, “Husband runs off with a politician–make good art. IRS on your tail–make good art. Cat exploded–make good art.”
We are artists and it’s easy to get lost in what’s not happening or the insane things that are happening that can tear us apart piece by piece.
And so my invitation for you today.
Take minutes, take hours.
Make good art.
And the art you’ve already made, leave it on the shelf.
Animals don’t eat paper.
Or ink.

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