Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

Writing is hard.
Writing on the blog is even harder.
I’ve been so caught up in my own life, that I’ve neglected both. I don’t know how Ann Dee and Mom do it. They have kids! And almost even grandCHILD. {mom}

I’m going to try and find some authors and see if I can get some interviews! Not just about how hard writing is, but how much fun it is, too! And what inspires people to write.
I’d also like to do books reviews. I haven’t read a book  {other than the one I’m revising} in months. I miss the book life.

Stay tuned. I will find something interesting and magical to post.


PS. My friend told me August is the month where you write a page a day! Is that true? If so, I’m ON IT.



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3 responses to “Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

  1. CLW

    Why don’t WE make it the month when we write 250 words per day?
    We can do that.

  2. Bruce

    I’m up for that challenge.


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