A baby, a monster and a box of markers

Dear Readers!

Carol had a baby!!! Actually her baby Elise had a baby so now Carol has a grand-baby and there’s no better news than this. A big congratulations to Carol and her family and brave Elise and the sweet little one who is in for a big treat–think of all the stories he’s going to get to experience.

In other news, which I probably shouldn’t even write about other news because the big news is enough, but here I go anyway, in other news have you watched Stranger Things on Netflix? My husband and I are watching it and we’re halfway through. It’s scary and weird and human and not human and eighties and makes me think about my mom (she would have loved it). Here’s an assignment: If you haven’t watched it or if you have and you want to watch it again, get a notebook and take notes. Who is the MC? What do he/she want? How many rocks are getting thrown and how? How do they begin and end each episode? What about pacing? Look at the major and minor plot-lines. How do they intertwine? How do they  help each other? Consider the problems you’re having with your story and see if this show can help you get ideas. You can call it research.

And finally, we got a lot of school supplies today. It’s a new year, new beginning, new teachers, new season. I’m ready. You?



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One response to “A baby, a monster and a box of markers

  1. LoriAnne Spear

    I’ve also been watching Stranger Things. My son told m about it. It’s weird and intriguing, and I love it. I’ve watched 5 episodes. I’ll have to watch it with those questions you posed, in mind.

    And congratulations to Carol and Elise and the new baby! Being a grandma is the best thing EVER! I didn’t believe it before it happened to me, and now I’ve totally bought in. Impulse spending is my newest vice. But when it’s books for the babies, then there is no harm, right?


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