Writing Practice

Get your favorite book out and copy three paragraphs at three different parts of the book. Then try to write your own paragraph with the same rhythm, the same number of words, the same punctuation. Play around with it. Maybe choose a book that is very different from how you write. Maybe try it with three different books. Read the passages from the book and the passages you wrote out loud. What do you hear? How did it feel to write like that? Can you hear the music of the lines?

Also, I need to get my brain back into writing. I’ve been editing and rereading and turning in final pages for my book that’s coming out next summer and now I need to get back into full on drafting. For some reason I think that means I should fix my spare room into an office and maybe read Neil Gaiman’s new writing book (really a collection of his speeches) and maybe do more yoga. Why is it so hard to get back into the groove of things?

Also, grapes, apples and peaches. So much to do. Love to you all. I hope you do the exercise. xoxox


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