The Movies: From Carol

This past summer, when I’ve been able to, I’ve gone garage saling. Yup, I love a deal. Garage sales are a great place to do Christmas shopping, FYI.
One thing I’ve bought are books written for adults, including a novel that was recently made into a movie.
So. I read it.
The story is told from several POV’s, including two teens.
What kinda blew my mind is that all the people–men, women, teens, they all sounded the same.
And the other thing? The book was soooo corny.
I actually closed my eyes and thought, No way, at the end.
I thought “This is so dumb.”
I tried to figure out why this was a hit. Why it was made into a movie. And I couldn’t.
This isn’t the first time I’ve read popular adult books and cringed the whole time.
Many times, writers of children’s work are not taken seriously.
Not at the university level.
Not by general readers.
Not by some writers who write for adults and decide to cross-over and write for teens because that’s ‘easier.’
So keep writing.
Write truth.
Real feelings.
Fun plots.
Let’s keep teaching kids, now, what great story is.

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