Writing an entire book

My next goal is to write an entire book.

I’ve done it before.

I’m not sure I can do it again.

I can start books.

Many many books.

I can make myself laugh and have a good time.

Then I stop writing and I sit on the floor and people climb on me and I don’t write again for awhile.

Then I start another book.

How do you decide which book is the book? Which idea is the idea? This is an article that tells you how to do it.

Will you do it? Do you write as fast as you can all the way to the end? Or do you stop after page 40 and say: this is crap.

Or: I’ve already written this before.

Or: This is boring.

Or: I don’t know what to write next.

Or: What is this even about.

Or: I should be making dinner.

Or: I have a better idea that will make me happier.

Here is another article about how to finish a book.

I especially like how they say you don’t HAVE to write every day but it helps and that you can’t use kids or a job or netflix as an excuse. It’s not a race. Chip away at it slowly.

I’ve been reading books my kids love and I’ve noticed that their very favorite ones aren’t complicated, don’t necessarily involve new worlds or surprising plots. The ones they love are simple, heartbreaking, real, funny and are about real life.

Write your real life.

Write your character’s real life.

Also, go to Carol’s book launch to read her book Messenger which is about real life and ghosts.

Love you Carol and love all you writers. Hope you finish a book, if not soon, sometime.




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3 responses to “Writing an entire book

  1. CLW

    Ann Dee! What a perfect post to set us in motion for NaNo. I plan on finishing rough drafts of two books I started. Yes! I know that’s not how NaNo works, but NaNo will help me complete these novels. If I don’t get behind on day one.

  2. Cheryl Christensen

    Thank you Ann Dee, I’m glad you posted this. Are you a mind reader or what!

  3. Bruce Luck

    Silly me. I’m going to start a new one for NaNo.


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