HAP-pee New Year!

Yes, I’m late!

As always.

We had an illness in the family that left one of us in the hospital for 6 days and another one of us caring for the sick daughter’s baby for 6 days.

But this is still a New Year! A Yippee, Let’s Go! year. A We Can Do Anything

Each year I write out a million goals. Last year, though, I held back. I made only 70. (I’ve mentioned I’m not one of those gals who feels badly when she fails to reach a destination. I love the way I feel when I set a goal and imagine accomplishing it.) How’s I do? Not so well. It was a tough 366 days.

This year, well, I’m still writing out the things I want to do–but I can safely say I have more hopes and dreams than a human should have. There are house goals, garden goals, personal goals, etc etc.

I found these from 2009:

  1. Read 200 books
  2. Write three novels
  3. Rewrite lost in Peace for St. Martin’s Press
  4. Blog????

And then here were Rick Walton’s goals. Hahahaha! I love him. And miss him.

  1. Read 200 picture books
  2. Pick up three novels
  3. Rewrite *A Million Little Pieces* for St. Martin’s Press
  4. Comment anonymously on Carol’s blog????

It’s been a hard year. A lot of people I love have died. People I’ve loved have lost loved ones.

Here are 3 of my millions of aspirations–just in the writing category!

  1. Finish rewrite with Ann Dee, rewrite for an editor, and draft of mystery before January’s end, and send in for review to Steve.
  2. Write a true NaNoWriMo–meaning, accomplish the 50,000 words. Now, if I am rewriting a novel then, I will set the goal as I did this last year and just do the best I can. (I sent in the partial murder mystery and I’m hoping my editor likes it. I’ll let you know if she bites!)
  3. Write a picture book with my daughter Laura.


We know we have at least 3 readers out there. If you’d like, put your goals here. Share as many as you’d like. Unless you’re crazy like I am. Then that means there’s not enough room.

Ann Dee and Kyra? Submit your goals, too. I’ll save them this time.





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5 responses to “HAP-pee New Year!

  1. 1. Finish my current manuscript draft
    2. Journal daily

  2. benschwensch

    In answer to Carol’s invitation to make goals & post them:

    On the wonderful “750 Words” site, I now have a 217 day “streak” without missing writing 750 words (or more) a day. I started off much more slowly in July of 2013, but “forgot” a couple of times and missed a day, but THIS “streak” is pretty solid.
    Continue daily writing on “750words.com”
    Finish StoonSaga: The Lost Riddle of Griffin Ridge by March 15
    Write complete rough draft of Glass Mountain Princess by June 1
    Send out “short” Non-Fiction pieces at least monthly
    Swim and/or walk at least 3-5 @ our Fitness Center
    Eat more vegies;fruits daily
    I’ll let you know if I add others.

    And, oh, yeah: Read 100 books (last year I “only” read 87).

  3. Lynne Snyder

    My goals are simple.

    No more sugar.
    Get my writings and personal history off two computers, before its too late.
    Stop spending so much time on Facebook.
    Go to lunch with friends at least 2 times a month.
    Stop crying so much, and laugh more–how does one do that, I wonder.

  4. Kyra Leigh

    Writing goals?
    Revise the blog! Get this thing updated and looking pretty.
    Sell another book.
    Write (at least) an hour a day.
    Finish a draft of my mermaid story.
    Work on WIFYR.
    Become more active in the writing community!


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