Three Thing Thursday

So each day (not including weekends) until WIFYR starts on June 12, I’m going to give us a writing prompt/activity. Monday through Friday.

Today, we get three to start us off #WritingLikeAWriter.

  1. Take ten minutes to write what your character is most scared of. Why is she afraid of this thing? Does this thing play into the book? How is this connected to who she is and what she wants?
  2. Write a letter from your character to you from six months BEFORE the book begins. Write another letter from your character two years AFTER the book is over.
  3. Print five pages of your work, double-spaced. Now, pretending like you’ve never seen this work before (think the Amazing Claudia Mills), start editing. Cut adverbs, adjectives. Slash extra words, useless phrases. Add sense of place, strong dialog. Then, after you’ve done some good tightening, take a step back, literally. How is the shape of this piece? The movement? The pacing? Look at your work from a distance. How is the story physically different?

Happy writing, Everyone! WIFYR, here we come!

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