Three Thing Thursday


I was recently on vacation, and during my three designated reading/writing days, I was able to read almost three novels and write just over 5000 words. It was exciting and I was in the zone. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next in each story, including my own.  Now that I’m back, and I have my designated writing 30 minutes in the morning, and reading at night. I’m not getting nearly as much done. It’s hard to get even a page written, and I’m asleep before I’ve read a paragraph.

I’ve been reading up on how to be more productive during your writing time (I’m doing this instead of writing). Since my husband isn’t up for moving our permanent address to a cruise ship yet, I’m not going to be able to sit on a balcony and stare at the ocean every morning to pump my creative juices. Across the blogosphere, I’ve come across this idea again and again. Several authors do physical exercise before they write and that it helps them be “physically energized and mentally focused.”  Ugghh. Really? If I wait to write until after I exercise every morning, I may never write again. My procrastination powers would be in overdrive.

Still, I’m with Carol, in that I also don’t believe in writer’s block. You show up, put your butt in the chair, look at page, and start somewhere – writing exercises, prompts, etc. Whatever you need to get your fingers moving.  Have any of you out there tried this exercise-before-writing thing?  I’m very curious. Almost curious enough to try it.  Almost.

 Okay, I’ll report back next week.


I can’t remember where I saw this to give the writer credit–but someone on the web came up with this writing exercise.

Using the alphabet, describe your character.




C-crazy for tacos


Redo the prompt above. Now PUSH. Make the description all emotional, or more telling about the character, or things you hadn’t even consider.

Get to know the odd side of your character.

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