Monday and Tuesday Prompts

Oops! I forgot to post yesterday.


Cool news for a writing partner and me.

Will let you know as soon as we can.


Look through your novel. Each page or two should have sense of place details to ground the reader. How are you doing? Are you using all the senses, not just sight and sound? And how are you letting the reader know about place in unique ways?


If your book took place in the Old West, how would it be different than it is now? Think specifically about scene and sense of place. Remember a contemporary novel needs scene building just as a story in the Old West or a fantasy novel.


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One response to “Monday and Tuesday Prompts

  1. I’m finding all these “prompts” very useful — mostly, they’re making me really PAY ATTENTION to things I overlook all too often ! ! ! Thanks, CLW & all


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