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Organization for the Weak-kneed

I woke up at about two in the a.m. last night.

Lay in bed and realized that my whole life is chaotic and I am always behind. Always.

This isn’t new.

I used to sign my name Carolwhoissofarbehindshecanseeherownbutt.

How do I get caught up? Organized? How do I get rid of things? Make time for what I love to do, like read and write and take walks and cook and eat and spend time with my girls and go to lunch with friends and learn to do watercolor work and and and?

It’s no secret (unless you’ve never heard me say this, and then it’s still not a secret) that I believe we make time for what we love.

But what if we’re tired?








Feeling like a failure?

Missing dear friends?

Upset about things from the past?

Hmmm. I could go on and on.

Getting organized in your writing may or may not be easy.

Here’re a few things I found on the InterWeb to help.



and finally



Write three goals on how you are gonna get organized.

Send them to me.


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