Three Thing Thursday

  1. I am reading Fahrenheit 451. For the first time. And quite liking it. I’m not sure if I’m surprised by this. My sister loved Ray Bradbury as a kid (she always out-read me). She read Stephen King, Tolkien and Bradbury long before I did. I was stuck in Steinbeck, Faulkner and Twain.

    This summer I’m reading a lot. A lot more than I have since school

    What have you read recently that you’ve loved?
    What have you read that you missed out on as a kid or teen?
    What is a favorite book that I should read?

  2. I am gathering books for the Hopi Reservation. If you would like to donate, please email me at These books must be gently used or new. I just looked up at my shelf and saw several novels I will never read again. It’s time to let those go. I have space only for the ones I want to keep forever. Or, maybe not space, but you know.
  3. In August, Ann Dee and Kyra and I might be having a writing marathon again. It’s been awhile. Will let you know as we get closer. If you are interested in playing a long, let me know.


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2 responses to “Three Thing Thursday

  1. I simply love Fahrenheit 451. I decided to use it as an example of pacing when I taught my masterclasses at The Guardian, and soon realised that the more I looked, the more I found to admire about it. I find it’s exquisitely written; the anguish of the POV character is beautifully handled in ways that make you completely bond to him. Each time I pick it up I find I drop everything else and reread it.
    As for what I’m reading at the moment? A Horse Walks Into A Bar – the Man Booker International Prize winner by David Grossman, translated by Jessica Cohen. Also beautifully paced.


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