Checking up…

As some of you may know, Carol went to the hospital last week.  She’s been pretty sick, which is why she hasn’t posted on the blog the last few days.

Just letting everyone know she’s doing much better now and should be up and running within the next few days.

If you have any writing prompts, advice, book recommendations, or anything else you may want to add, go ahead and leave a comment.



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7 responses to “Checking up…

  1. The only positive thought I have is that I hope our faith and prayers are helping Carol recover. She is an amazing woman who faces all of life’s difficulties with patience and faith. She is very loved.

  2. benschwensch

    I’ve always appreciated that Carol hasn’t given up on me ! ! ! So, to keep that in mind, I’ve been trying to edit and rewrite anything in my 146 page fantasy book, which I’ve been writing on for YEARS. I’d hoped to make it by the end of July, but that’s not going to happen — but I’ll be redoubling my efforts in August to finish, hopefully some time mid-month perhaps? To do this, I’ve been writing/rewriting/editing on AND I joined the July Camp NanoWriMo. Both of them HAVE helped to push me along. Kind of like Carol does when I see her at writers’ groups &/or meetings . . . plus WIFYR of course. If you have NOT tried WIFYR, Nano or the, I challenge you to try it now ! ! !

  3. benschwensch

    CAROL: we ALL need you around to give us the next nudge, push, whatever . . . go get well QUICKLY ! ! !

  4. hugs, Carol. praying for your speedy recovery. xoxo

  5. Karen Pierotti

    I’m sorry to hear Carol’s been so ill she had to be hospitalized. I hope she recovers well and speedily. I’ll put her name in the Provo temple Friday. I love all the encouragement she gives others. She’s a remarkable woman.

    I discovered an exercise from a prompt (I think we had to use a certain list of words in a paragraph) that I actually completed and it was completely random and different from the kind of things that I write: more action, a literal cliff hanger. It could be a potential book so the prompts stretch me in unexpected ways, especially when I take the time to do them. I need to go back and go over the list again. Give Carol my love, Karen


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