We Start Tomorrow! Our Writing Challenge!

August 15 through September 15, 2017

There are 32 writing days (including both fifteens) in our challenge. Have you chosen the time you want to write?

Have you set a goal for yourself?

My goal is 1000 words during that hour. I’ll probably write first thing in the morning, when the house (not including the hounds of the Baskervilles) is mostly quiet. After I’ve helped Mom but before the sun is really too high in the sky.

During the next 32 days (except for Sundays), Ann Dee, Kyra and I will leave you one writing hint or help each day.

So. My friend Trent Reedy (who is one of our teachers at WIFYR next year) organizes his office every time he finishes a novel. I’m not sure if that is from conception to sale and final revisions or what. But there is something cool about that.

My first hint for today is for you to check out your writing space. Do you have everything you’ll need for tomorrow’s start? Are there notecards? Have you already written character descriptions? Ideas of what might happen? Do you need your desk to look neat? The pillows fluffed on the sofa if you’re writing there? Is there a pen handy?

My second hint is to prepare a reward for each day. You decide what it is. Tomorrow I shall lunch with Cheri after the morning festivities. But I can’t do that every day (unless I win the PCH 15,000,000 dollars). The reward might just be writing the day’s word count (I like that kinda stuff!). But I’ll know by tomorrow what my reward will be.

My third hint is to keep a piece of paper, where you can see it, to log in your word count and how the writing day went. Watching those numbers grow will keep you motivated.

Okay, Everyone. Take a deep breath. Have a party, go to bed early, prepare however you must. We’re starting the writing challenge tomorrow!


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7 responses to “We Start Tomorrow! Our Writing Challenge!

  1. LoriAnne Spear

    I’m all IN! Excited to begin 🙂

  2. Kyra Leigh

    my office is torn up as it is transitioning into a gym. But i will wander around the house until I find a decent spot to write. Should also get a playlist ready!

  3. A cheap and delicious place to eat lunch is Main Street Pizza. All you can eat salad bar and pizza for five bucks. The salad bar is really well stocked and the pizza is good. I like it better than the place we have been going to for 40 years. They have a HUGE pizza selection. Dinner is $6.50. Drinks extra. It’s across the parking lot from the old Shopko in Provo on the diagonal–next to Jimmy John’s and Coldstone–if I remember right.

    I’m starting tomorrow but my Tuesdays are packed so will have to make my writing time late at night. I’m probably at my best then anyway. Can’t wait to see the daily tips.

  4. Writing first thing in the morning before anything else gets in the way.


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