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Writing Tips

Is everyone writing their little fingers off? Keep up the good work! Soon you’ll have a shiny new manuscript that will become a shiny new book! Check out my writing tips below to keep up the momentum.

1. Make yourself a solid playlist.
I know that a lot of writers need complete silence when they write, but I am not one of those writers. I need some background noise, and it can’t be TV, or children screaming, either. Before drafting a novel, I like to create a playlist on my spotify that I can turn on whenever I sit down to write.

2. Snack out.
Having snacks handy when you’re doing a writing marathon is a MUST. It’s also nice to reward yourself with a sweet treat.

3. Shut off the distractions.
Turn the WIFI off your laptop and set airplane mode on your cell phone. By doing that it will actually help get your brain prepare for distraction-free writing

4. Set a timer.
Ann Dee mentioned this in an earlier post. Someone gave me an hour glass last year for Christmas, and it’s been a godsend. Mine doesn’t do a full hour, but it’s still great to have.

5. Just do it. 
Writing can be difficult, but if you tell yourself that you can do it, that this is your passion, it makes it a lot easier.

If you have any writing tips, please share!


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