Writing Challenge, Monday Hint

Did you get your goal number of words for last week?

Did you write everyday?

Have you five hours writing logged?

Is your goal where you can see it?

Hint: Do not stare into the sun during the eclipse. Damage can occur in moments.

Another hint: Do not sing Total Eclipse of the Heart. CORNY!

(Now I will have to sing that dumb song. I will change the words to Turn around blind eyes in case one of you looks at the eclipse today.)


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2 responses to “Writing Challenge, Monday Hint

  1. angelamillsap

    Yes times 4! And I recommend the literal music video for Total Eclipse of the Heart. You’re welcome.

  2. benschwensch

    1. As I’m actually REwriting an entire novel, & tracking numbers of pages, chapters, hours instead of words
    2. I DID write every day
    19 pages 5 chapters + prologue 10 hours


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