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by | August 22, 2017 · 11:12 am

Being Nice to Yourself

Ladies and Gents,

I’m a big believer in being kind to yourself. Did you miss a day? Maybe even two? What??!! Three???? GASP!

Not really.

Don’t despair.

We love you and you are not off the hook. Here is what you do:

Start again today.

I had a rough week with many things like ketchup and eclipses and laundry and people going in and out of school for various reasons and two littles following me around. It was not the perfect week HOWEVER, I am soldiering on. I am adding minutes to make up for days I was short and I am eating lots of cherry tomatoes.

So, start today.

Don’t worry about yesterday (unless you burned your eyes–if that’s the case, go see a doctor) and let’s keep going!



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